Frontier worker between music and mathematics.

This would be a brief, apposite description of me.
If you want to find out more about me, be encouraged to continue reading …

It is not uncommon to meet mathematicians or physicists who are also at home in music. The reverse is also found (although more rarely). Somehow, both worlds (the artistic and the mathematical-scientiffic world) seem to be connected with one another.

Many scientists work in their profession and do their second passion as a hobby and make music in their spare time. For me it was the other way around: I earn my living with music (giving lessons and concertation) and from time to time practice mathematics as a hobby.
So much for my ‘musical’ side. In the following, I will restrict myself to the mathematical-physical side.

In this book, I have written down all my ideas on prime numbers that have accumulated in recent years, and which are a loose collection of papers and various files around me, to make them accessible to everyone.

I do not intend to become ‘rich’ or ‘famous’ with this book.

The purpose of this book is to give other people the opportunity to participate in my ideas. I am not claiming mathematical rigor. This is reflected in the slightly casual title of this homepage:
‘’ (yet another promising prime number source: amazing recent results from a guerrilla hobbyist).
Instead ‘amazing’ it could just as well read ‘amusing’. Potential reviewer from the guild of the (uncomprising) mathematicians who may want to break down this book, I wish the ability to have fun in mathematics.

For the case that no one will read this book in the near future, I will stick to the German writer Martin Walser’s saying:
“A book can wait for its readers” …

Karl-Heinz Kuhl
Parkstein, 03/15/2017